Why generalise when you can specialise?

By Aly Sebastien

You can not develop deep expertise if you are not dealing with the same problems over and over.

Offering a broad range of services, in an attempt to create the maximum number of opportunities, is a mistake many creative people and agencies suffer from.

Being too broadly positioned, deep into the life-cycle of the business, not only makes sales & marketing much more challenging, it invites mass competition.

If we are too generalist we not only remove our ability to command a premium price we also diminish the potential to deliver the highest quality outcome for our customer.

Businesses fear that if they narrow their offering and specialise they may not only suffer from boredom but they may also lose potential contracts. However, in reality, increased focus in a specific discipline will present an almost endless amount of challenges worthy of engagement and thus make you the 'go to' person for that particular resource.

Whilst, on one hand, jumping the business around from one thing to the next can be seen as agile and smart, on the other hand, this will only lead to a battle for survival against the competition.

So, stand out from the crowd, become an expert and rise above the competition.

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