Delete most of your content, you don't need it

By Aly Sebastien

We have all heard the phrase less is more. But when we are dealing with the design of our website, do we truly believe this expression or are we too scared to embrace it?

After all, if you are paying a premium for a website, then you would expect each page to be packed to the rafters with features right?

The truth is, this weighed down approach is detrimental to your brand as you are not allowing your user to achieve a clear and uninterrupted goal.

Out in the Sun

Think of it in this way. It’s a hot summers day and you have been walking around town till you are tired and very thirsty. Then you decide to enter a very hip place to buy a drink. When you enter, there are only three drinks available in the refrigerated units. Coke, Lemonade and Water. You think about all three and within seconds you select one to quench your thirst.

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time when you enter the shop it is full to the brim with choices. There are bottles everywhere including, root beer, ginger beer, dandelion and burdock, cream soda, iced coffee drinks, fizzy water, fruit juices, energy drinks, ice teas, the list is virtually endless. Then a shop assistant approaches you and pops up a chalkboard of specials. As a result, it takes you longer to decide on what you want. You are easily tempted away from one thing to the next. You stall on making a decision as you fear it my not be the right one.

Back on Track

Let’s transfer this back to the design of your website in regards to the content of the pages. One of the worst things you can do is overload the user until they are at the point where it becomes impossible for them to make a clear unhindered decision. By increasing their cognitive load you are more likely to make them information blind than provide them with a clear focal point.

Fewer Features, More Focus

Ask yourself, what is the main objective of the page? What are the key elements required that will best help to deliver this goal? How much distraction is being caused by other elements on the page?

Provide limited choice as a way to create a smooth funnel that will channel your audience. This way, they can easily identify and obtain what they need without restriction.

Ditch the rest. It’s probably self-indulgent nonsense with no real value.

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